DPP debuts UK standards for HD commercials and promos with built-in EBU R128

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has announced Common Technical Delivery Standards for High Definition Commercials/Sponsorship and Promotions/Presentation material. The new standards, which align with the DPP’s HD Programme standard, represent another significant milestone in achieving consistency in the delivery of content and in avoiding a situation where a number of different file types and specifications proliferate.

The introduction of the new common High Definition Commercials/Sponsorship Standard marks a significant step forward for a type of content that until now has only existed in Standard Definition. Working with DPP members from across the industry, the UK’s major broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, BT Sport and Channel 5) have agreed these common technical standards.

For Commercials and Sponsorship material this means that there will now be one specification for delivery to ITV, Sky, Channel 5 and Channel 4 (including broadcasters that take commercials from Channel 4 Advertising Sales, such as UKTV channels, The Box Plus Network, PBS America and BT Sport). For Promotions and Presentation Events this standard will cover material delivery to BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, BT Sport and Channel 5.

A key component of the new HD Standard is the introduction of an Exceptions Process for intentionally quiet content. This will enable producers to deliver creatively quiet content that does not meet the normal EBU R128 Target Level, a key aspect of the R128 recommendation for short-form content. It also includes requirements for Short-Term Loudness, which further aligns to the EBU R128 recommendation.

The broadcasters will begin taking delivery to these new specifications during 2016, with ITV expected to be the first mainstream broadcaster to implement the new HD standard for Commercials/Sponsorship material.

Ian Cottrell, Director of Broadcast Distribution & Services at ITV Commented, “ITV welcomes the publication of the HD Specification which further builds on the excellent standards work already delivered by the DPP.”

Orpheus Warr, CTO at Channel 4 said: “Channel 4 is pleased to see the publication of a new standard that once again demonstrates the value that the DPP provide to broadcasters and producers through their collaborative work on standardisation.”

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