Orad Maestro unites graphic users

The latest release of Orad’s Maestro enterprise graphics, addressing end-to-end graphics creation and distribution workflows for real-time, pre and post broadcast production environments, will be on display at IBC.

The enterprise solution seamlessly integrates with industry-standard newsroom, automation, traffic and editing systems, including equipment from Quantel, the latest addition to the long list of supported technology partners.

Headlining the Maestro release is the new GMAM system. GMAM is a graphics oriented media asset management technology fully integrated with Maestro.

GMAM provides broadcasters with administration and production tools to better facilitate graphics production and distribution in large-scale production operations where multiple users and workgroups spread across different departments require access to graphic production tools. All assets required for the graphic operation are handled by this one system.

GMAM administration lets broadcasters manage global access rights while built-in production tools control ingest scheduling, proxy generation, automatic asset moving and copying, system monitoring and administration from a single point.

With assets centralised in the new GMAM system, users across the facility have organised access to templates, images, video clips, and rundowns, creating a much more efficient graphics production workflow.

Also featured in the new Maestro 6.7 release is an order management system that better manages asset requests for video clips and images. When the request for a graphic/image item is made, the new order management system automatically slots a placeholder against a graphic item. The system notifies the designer a graphic is needed. Once the designer has created the image, they add it to the placeholder.

The order management system automatically links to the original graphic without additional extra intervention.

Another new significant Maestro feature is the SceneEdit module. SceneEdit lets users create a completely new graphic design or modify the look of existing graphics from the playout station. Simple-to-use, SceneEdit lets designers of all skill levels create stunning, 3D designs.

The new Maestro features and functions, together with the possibility to integrate with other Orad products, makes Maestro the perfect solution for any broadcaster looking to enhance efficiency in its production workflows.

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