Qatar 2022: Timeline Television at the FIFA World Cup Picture Gallery

UK-based Timeline Television is providing broadcast facilities and production services for both ITV Sport and BBC Sport at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The shared approach is considered to be more sustainable and saves both broadcasters money. Here you can view a photo gallery of the team in Doha and the set-up that is being provided.

The studio at Stadium 974 with the ITV team on air. Credit: Grace Wordsworth

BBC Master Control Room at the IBC

BBC Production Control Room at the IBC

Timeline Control Room. This is where the Timeline team monitors all eight venue feeds (pictures and audio) along with the control and comms system to Salford and EBC

Quinn Cowper is one of the lead engineers for Timeline at Qatar 2022 

Timeline Television operational crew at the IBC. From left to right: Roy Harbour, Quinn Cowper, Lee Russell, Matt Carter, Dan Regan, Oli Barman, Dan Storr, Oli Johnston

One of the eight Studio setups, this one at Khalifa International Stadium, showing the BBC set. Credit: Duncan Bromley

The Timeline rig crew and BBC and ITV technical enjoying a short break in the Sun at the IBC. From left to right: Quinn Cowper, Matt Gooch, Russell Wood, Reg Sendar, Dan Storr, Oli Barman, Oli Johnston, Jon Dunn, Martin Sexton, Jonathan Hardman, Paul Bateman, Dan McDonnell

ITV Production Control at the IBC. One of two galleries based in the IBC for BBC and ITV

Quinn Cowper, Head of Engineering, in one of the control rooms

ITV Master Control Room at the IBC

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