Sun reports that Madrid feel time is right to take on the Premier League over Far East TV rights

Real Madrid’s match on Sunday will kick off at noon as Real Madrid Club de Fútbol president Florentino Perez looks to give the club more exposure (and more TV rights) from the Far East market. Historically Real Madrid’s matches have aired live in the dead of night in the Far East due to time zone differences.

The Sun reports that the move is designed to compete with the Premier League. “In Asia the Premier League has more appeal because they can watch it live there thanks to the early kick-off times,” Perez told the paper.

“We have to put the games at the times that will give us the biggest amount of money. If we have to play at 1pm, like they do in England, then we will.”

In Tokyo and Beijing Madrid’s game will be on at 8pm, prime time vieweing. And the Premier League earn a colossal £1.4billion revenue from overseas TV rights over three years — roughly £23million a season per club.

La Liga’s are said to be around £110m a year — about a quarter of the Premier League’s earnings.

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