SVG Europe Women Virtual announces wellbeing and resilience workshop on 13 August

Taking a different tack for its next event, SVG Europe Women Virtual is pleased to announce a first wellbeing and resilience workshop.

On the morning of 13 August at 10am (UK time), special guest speaker, wellbeing and resilience coach Sarah Swanton will provide constructive, practical guidance on how to emotionally survive this difficult period we are now in, and how to move forward with skills that will help increase your strength and resilience every single day.

The live, 30-minute long session will be tailored around what SVG Europe Women members want to hear. To that end, a short questionnaire will be sent out shortly to registered delegates to take a vote on which of three possible sessions will be presented.

Swanton commented on what attendees can expect to get out of the session: “I’d love for people to understand just how cleverly designed our human operating system is; we are equipped with this innate intelligence that has the capacity to navigate us through even the most challenging circumstances, events, and even other people.

“When we feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, that’s our intelligent feedback system letting us know we’re taking our thoughts too seriously, and to come back to reality; it’s so clever! When we begin to see the design of the system, we naturally spend more time operating from our clarity and common sense and less time from stress and overwhelm.”

Following a workshop session from Swanton, she will talk to Heather McLean, internal head of SVG Europe Women and SVG Europe editor, and answers questions posed by the audience.

Swanton added: “As human beings, our default factory setting is actually calm, peaceful, creative and innovative; that’s how we’re designed but we can’t always feel it, because we often pay more attention to that thick cloud of thought we walk around with.

“That state of calm has been part of you all your life, helping you out, but perhaps you just didn’t realise it,” she went on. “We are often so quick to overlook it, but if you think back to challenging times in your life, there will have been moments when, despite the turmoil on the outside, you were actually calm on the inside and just knew what you needed to do; that’s your most natural state of mind, and it’s tailored to the needs of the moment, always.”

Swanton works with leaders and their teams who want to learn how to operate from a place of calm, clarity and common sense more of the time, so they can make smarter decisions, create more impact, and achieve better results in both their work and personal life.

The SVG Europe Women Virtual wellbeing and resilience workshop will again be delivered through Zoom. It is open to all genders.

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