SVG’s Sportel panels focus on social video, OTT, developing tech

The 2017 collaboration at Sportel Europe with Sports Video Group (SVG) once again put the focus on helping Sportel attendees understand not only how they can make the most of social video via a discussion with Facebook’s Rob Shaw and Johannes Franken of HBS but also a debate about the future of technology featuring Ali Russell of FIA Formula E and Alex Rice of Perform Group. Both are available via VOD links later in this article.

Ken Kerschbaumer (left) discussed OTT and other new technologies with Alex Rice of Perform (center) and Ali Russell of Formula E.

“The new format this year, featuring only two panelists for each 30-minute session, allowed us to offer up deeper insights into corporate strategies, why new platforms will or will not succeed, and much more,” says Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG co-executive director, editorial services.

Monday’s discussion focused on questions surrounding social video and how to refine a strategy that can not only offer revenue-generating opportunities but can also drive engagement with other platforms (most notably TV an OTT engagement) and fans who are either at the event or reliant on a smartphone or tablet.

“Social video platforms are continually evolving and that means those looking to make the most of them also need organizations that are continually evolving,” says Kerschbaumer. “So, the Sportel session provided a great chance to learn and shape business discussions that take place during the remainder of the show.”

To watch the complete session please click here.

The second panel discussion took a broader look at the technology and distribution landscape and include things like VR, OTT services, 4K, and HDR. These maturing technologies will impact rights holders and production professionals across the board as they each demand a renewed commitment to next-generation production technologies, workflows, and distribution models.

“The challenge facing everyone is not only how to embrace a new technology but whether it should be embraced at all,” says Kerschbaumer. “More than ever rights holders and distributors are feeling the pressure to embrace new technologies, which can often be costly, without fully developing a use case or a business plan.”

To watch the complete second session please click here.

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