IBC2013 Q&A: Mark Anderson, marketing operations manager, Vislink

Vis-à-vis sports broadcast, what would you describe as Vislink’s primary USP?
Vislink’s reputation as one of the innovators in sports broadcasting goes back well over a decade. The Gigawave and Link Research brands were the pioneers of the COFDM wireless camera systems. When Link brought out its original wireless camera transmitter, the impact was immediate: the sports-broadcast market saw the opportunities open to it, and, as each new feature came along, the push to be even more creative came with it. The progress was relentless: first SD transmission, then camera control, HD, and the list goes on. At the same time, Gigawave was pursuing its own path. Camera-back transmitters and associated technologies saw Gigawave go after the motorsports market with great success. The ability to package a tailor-made product and desire to innovate all the time led to Gigawave becoming the official RF supplier to the FIM MotoGP championship in 2002, a partnership which continues to this day. Nothing stands still, and both brands continue to push technological innovation and excellence.

Technologically speaking, what has been the most important development of the last 12 months for Vislink?
Vislink’s Gigawave brand launched the INCAM at last year’s IBC. This COFDM H.264 video-transmitter and camera-control unit is built into the side of the Sony HDC-2400, 2500, and 2550 cameras. This allows another level to the options for the sports cameramen. Balance is now no longer an issue as the unit adds only 470 gm. to the weight of the camera. The new transmitter has provided other benefits in spinoff products that are used elsewhere in our portfolio for applications such as on-boards and UAV systems.

What can you tell us about Vislink’s offerings at IBC2013? And how important is the show for the company?
IBC is always an important show for the group. Along with NAB in the U.S., [it is] our biggest broadcast show and the place where we look to launch new products and systems. This year, we will have a new motorised version of our Advent MSAT SATCOM terminal. As for other plans, you will just have to wait and see.

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