Canon intros 4K field lenses; low-light camera captures attention of visitors

Canon Europe is showcasing a wide range of products at IBC, not the least of which are two new 4K lenses, the UJ86x9.3B (UHD-DIGISUPER 86), considered the flagship premium 4K field lens and the UJ90x9B (UHD-DIGISUPER 90), a standard 4K field lens. “The 86x lens is actually more than 4K quality,” says Nicky Lijima, Canon Europe, EMEA broadcast products director.

Canon's ME20F-SH camera.

Canon’s ME20F-SH camera.

The UHD-DIGISUPER 86 is the initial offering in the Premium 4K class, and is positioned to be the flagship of Canon’s 4K family of lenses. The design of this lens sought the highest possible overall optical performance to help ensure performance in excess of 4K throughout all lens operational settings. The design of the companion UHD-DIGISUPER 90 lens is based upon the design criteria of our HDTV field lenses – by providing 4K performance in a smaller body while offering a wider focal range.

Richard Shepherd, Canon Europe, European marketing manager, Professional Imaging Group, says the new lenses are part of an overall effort to showcase 4K workflows and lenses at the Canon Europe IBC stand.

“It is our glass-to-glass workflows, from 4K lenses to 4K capture and then 4K reference displays,” says Shepherd. “And then there is our ME20F-SH that has an ISO sensitivity of more than 4 million.”

Canon is also displaying the DP-V2410 4K reference display, which has been engineered for use on-set or on location in both broadcast and cinema productions, to provide accurate and reliable output of 4K content.

Sitting alongside the DP-V3010 in Canon’s 4K reference display range, the DP-V2410 delivers 4K 4096×2160 resolution with accurate colour reproduction, facilitating live shooting for quality control, focusing and exposure confirmation as well as on-set colour management and grading. The new DP-V2410 features a Canon-developed image-processing engine for display use, along with an RGB LED backlight system and a newly developed IPS LCD panel, which combine to deliver faithful colour reproduction and high-resolution, high-contrast images.

“Canon is delivering a lot of value across the industry, and the displays is a new market for us but it is really a case of seeing is believing,” adds Shepherd.

The ME20F-SH is also turning heads as a demo at the stand shows the ability for the camera to capture colour images in lighting conditions that would make it seem impossible, if not for the massive amount of sensitivity in the camera.

“One of our key tenants is to expand the shooting possibilities and deliver cameras that can capture things never possible before,” says Shepherd. “The ME20F-SH is a real step forward and we are excited to see what people will be able to do with it.”

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