Ross SolidTrack Enables Universal Camera Tracking

Ross Video and SolidAnim jointly announced they are joining forces to offer the SolidTrack universal camera tracking system for in-studio and in-venue applications. Ross will focus on broadcast and live production applications for this real-time camera tracking and pre-visualization solution including the manufacturing and distribution of Ross SolidTrack systems.
SolidTrack is a pioneer in real- time tracking of all kinds of camera implementations as well as the overview of visual effects in real time during acquisition. SolidTrack is a Universal Tracking system that can be used anywhere, anytime, and on anything. Anywhere means in any environment whether a small or large studio, indoors or outdoors. Anytime means that it’s quick to set up and calibrate. Anything means that it’s designed to work on any place a camera is mounted – Steadicam, crane, dolly, and more. The solution offers exceptional flexibility and extensibility due to rapid deployment that provides precise shooting with fewer takes and a minimal footprint with a single survey camera that captures the position and orientation of the camera, including all the intrinsic parameters.

“We are delighted to be incorporating this exciting technology from SolidAnim as a powerful extension to our Virtual and Robotic solutions,” stated Jeff Moore, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Ross Video. “The goal at Ross is to be a leader in delivering virtual solutions and the addition of Ross SolidTrack enables us to greatly expand our capabilities with the coolest tracking technology in the industry.”

SolidTrack provides a more ergonomic and intuitive solution for adding complicated visual effects shots, dealing with green screen compositing, 3D rendering, and complex camera moves. It is easy to get started and takes only 10 minutes to set up before production begins.

SolidTrack is highly mobile and relocates rapidly anywhere indoors and outdoors, permitting it to track instantly on any new setup. Extended camera tracking is possible any place as each SolidTrack unit can support up to two cameras with one camera operational at a given time, or additional cameras can be configured to support full concurrent tracking. Optionally, a second camera can be used as a survey camera if the primary camera is not available while in production. SolidTrack does not need visible markers during production to track anything- even on green screens.

“Having Ross Video offer SolidTrack to broadcast and live production organizations, is an exciting progression of the solution beyond the film world where it already enjoys substantial success comments Isaac Partouche, CEO of SolidAnim. We are enthusiastic about working with Ross to provide our solution to a new group of users that will enable them to create even more compelling productions.”

SolidTrack integrates easily into existing workflows, providing high quality visualization without having to purchase new equipment or slow down the production process. Now Ross robotic systems including Furio RC, Cambot 500 and 600 can include tracking capabilities. Ross UX Virtual Camera Control (UXVCC) will enable users not using a Ross graphics system to easily work with SolidTrack. The solution is light- one cable linking the camera to the SolidTrack workstation, and one survey camera weighing less than 150 g (1 lb). The system attaches to the camera rig which can be of any type, whether hand-held, shoulder-mounted, Steadicams, jibs, dollies, pedestals, or cranes.

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