IBC 2016: Signiant to Demo Accelerated File Transfer Solutions

At IBC 2016, Signiant Inc, (stand 14.L08) will be demonstrating product enhancements across its accelerated file transfer portfolio, all designed to support Media & Entertainment companies’ imperative to leverage new technologies and respond to a rapidly changing business environment.

Signiant_LogoGuiding Principles
Signiant accelerated file transfer solutions make it possible for any organization to send, share, and automate the movement of large media files over IP networks – between people, systems and the cloud.  The company’s success is tied to a focused product development approach that involves targeting specific customer problems while maintaining alignment with several broad themes in the industry:

Storage independence
With massive amounts of data and many different classes of assets, media enterprises demand storage choice and flexibility.  Signiant is committed to accommodating a range of on-premises and cloud storage formats, with support for multiple public cloud platforms.

SaaS solutions and cloud-native design
The pioneer in SaaS delivery and cloud-native design for accelerated file transfer, Signiant now has hundreds of thousands of users and industry-leading renewal rates on its patented SaaS platform.  This runaway success is clear evidence that customers are embracing the cost effectiveness, elasticity, and rapid innovation made possible by the cloud.

Ease of use
Engineers and IT people aren’t the only ones who interact with Signiant products. The company makes a considerable investment in user experience design for multiple stakeholders, with a special focus on the unique sensibilities of creative media professionals who move files as part of their daily work.

Roadmap to the future
With complex workflows and 24/7 deliverables, media organizations can’t make overnight technology transitions. They need future-proof choices that will help them establish a foothold in next-generation technologies, while supporting evolutionary implementation plans and hybrid environments.

Major New Solution Enhancements
Manager+Agents: Increased flexibility with local object storage support
Widely used within major media enterprises, Signiant’s flagship Manager+Agents solution is the gold standard for scheduled, system-to-system delivery of large data sets. In keeping with the company’s commitment to storage independence, Manager+Agents now supports even more options as the data storage landscape continues to evolve.

Originally designed for on-premises block storage, the functionality of M+A was extended in recent years to include an interface to public cloud object storage via Signiant Flight. Many customers are now adopting local object storage for increased control and lower costs, resulting in hybrid deployments — and Signiant has responded with a new M+A interface to S3-compatible local object storage offerings such as NetApp, EMC ECS and IBM Cleversafe. 

Media Shuttle: Easier to deploy at scale
Signiant Media Shuttle is a SaaS platform for sharing digital assets securely from a simple, customizable browser interface.  Now the de facto standard across the media industry, it’s the easiest way to send any size file, anywhere, fast. New at IBC you can see:

FTP Replacement and Augmentation Features
With Media Shuttle now established as the application of choice, many companies are undertaking large-scale initiatives to replace FTP altogether with an enterprise-wide Shuttle deployment – thereby ensuring faster, more secure transfers and a better user experience for everyone who needs to transfer files.  Deployment at scale is now facilitated by a range of new features, including:

  • An enhanced administration API allows administrators to more quickly and easily scale up their organization’s usage of Media Shuttle, without impacting the end user experience.  With the admin API and a companion metadata API, administrators can customize Media Shuttle for optimal alignment with their company’s unique workflows.
  • Administrators now have more granular control over user folders and permissions in Media Shuttle ‘Share’ portals. The familiar hierarchical folder structure of ‘Share’ portals eases the transition from FTP for users, and enhanced organizational controls given administrators the confidence they need to mandate a wholesale migration from FTP to Shuttle.

CloudSpeX for Quicktime
The library of supported file types for CloudSpeX has been expanded to include QuickTime, a commonly used file format throughout the media ecosystem. By automatically confirming – prior to transfer – that media assets comply with a customer-defined delivery specification, CloudSpeX saves time and money by dramatically lowering rejection rates of incoming files.

“We recognize that our customers are dealing with a high rate of change, while also facing pressure to reduce costs, optimize resource utilization and drive operational efficiency,” said Cory Bialowas, Sr. Vice President, Product Management at Signiant. “Technological advances are always exciting, but they can’t just stand on their own merits in today’s business climate.  There’s an imperative to innovate in ways that provide customers with tangible benefits in the near term and well into the future, so our resources are directed toward solving the industry’s most pressing problems – with the reward for Signiant being customer loyalty and an on-going dialogue with industry leaders.”

Delivering Next-Generation Insight at IBC
Signiant staff will be available in the Signiant booth at 14.L08 to demonstrate new product enhancements, discuss how each of them can benefit media organizations, and compare notes on industry trends.

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