Ross Video Unveils Latest Addition to BlackStorm Video Server Family, 1080p Processing for Vision Octane Series

Ross Video will present the latest addition to the BlackStorm Video Server family at NAB 2013, with the new BVS-104P 4 channel playout server.
The BVS-104P offers the same compact 1RU form factor as the BVS-102P 2 channel system, but doubling the channel count in the same space.  It is available with three different storage options, including a 4TB HDD model, 8TB HDD model, and for the ultra-performance and reliability, a 400GB Solid State drive model.
“The new 4 channel BlackStorm Playout Server makes an excellent addition to play clips in any production environment,” said Brad Plant, Marketing Product Manager for Infrastructure and Video Servers, Ross Video. “The combination of density and low power consumption makes it the perfect fit for mobile production applications.”
Starting at only $19,995, the BVS-104P is based on a Dell platform and in addition to Ross’ famous 24/7/365 technical support, includes World Wide Support from Dell. The BlackStorm 104P is shipping now.

At NAB 2013, Ross Video will unveil new 1080P (3G) processing technology for the flagship Vision Octane series of Production Switchers. Built on the standard Octane production engine, but with new state-of-the-art FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) devices that allow 1080P production without reduction in system resources.
“We made the deliberate decision not to add 3G to the existing Vision video processing engines.  We wanted to avoid having our customers modify their production workflows to accommodate the reduction in switcher resources,” stated Nigel Spratling, Switcher Marketing Product Manager-Communications, Ross Video. “We made a big engineering commitment to develop video processor designs that would ensure that all switcher resources available in 1.5G would be available when operated in 3G mode.”
The Vision Octane 3G has the same physical chassis options as the standard Octane, but is equipped with new video processing boards that not only accommodate 1080P/50 or 60, but also adds dual 2D DVE resizers and combiners to every MLE key as well as two more DVE channels for transitions. This makes it possible to create 8 box shots on every MLE in the system and transition them dynamically. In addition, Vision Octane 3G has significantly expanded MLE Media Stores, allowing each MLE to hold 8GB of storage for still and animated graphic playout.
“1080P/3G production has been a challenge for many producers. Operating in 3G previously required compromises that many did not feel they could make,” continued Spratling. “With Vision Octane 3G those compromises have been eliminated and new features added. Anyone wanting to embrace full 1080P production will truly appreciate the huge additional horsepower we have engineered into this design.”

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