Backlight and Wurl partner to make streaming distribution more efficient

Backlight has partnered with Wurl to provide programming, CMS and OTT management, distribution and monetisation capabilities for large and mid-market video publishers in the FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) and vMVPD (Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor) ecosystem. According to the companies, Backlight and Wurl’s combined strengths offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for content publishers delivering a seamless, profitable and more efficient workflow.

“Our mission has always been to empower video publishers to maximise their content’s reach and revenue potential across the global streaming ecosystem,” said Dave Bernath, VP of sales and partnerships, Americas at Wurl. “This partnership combines our robust distribution and monetisation capabilities with Backlight’s comprehensive content management, as well as live and real-time scheduling technologies.”

The partnership offers several benefits for content publishers and helps to solve pain points as well. Backlight’s end-to-end technology platform provides an extensive suite of media content solutions needed for advanced content management and distribution, encompassing CMS, media asset management, live clipping and editing. However, in today’s fragmented landscape, optimising ad monetisation and increasing engagement across platforms is challenging. Wurl solves this challenge with Global FAST Pass, which can facilitate the distribution of FAST channels to 45+ streamers globally. The company’s AdPool solution also helps to fill inventory with premium advertisers, while ContentDiscovery works to target relevant audiences most likely to convert to loyal viewers.

Backlight brings comprehensive offerings, including the channel creation and management capabilities of Zype Playout, to the partnership. Zype Playout’s API-first approach facilitates seamless integration and media orchestration by enabling customers with real-time channel control and monitoring, so they have flexibility for last-second scheduling changes, including full support for live event inserts and SCTE-35 ad marker insertion. It also offers real-time channel control enabling publishers to create and manage channels in a self-service manner.

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