InterDigital and Broadpeak collaborate on MPEG V3C standardised content distribution at scale

Mobile, video and AI technology research and development company InterDigital has collaborated with Broadpeak to develop content delivery networks capable of streaming MPEG Visual Volumetric Video-based Coding (V3C) immersive content at scale.

Volumetric video is a critical component in the creation and enjoyment of increasingly immersive experiences and the MPEG V3C standard defines the general mechanism for coding and streaming volumetric content. Unlike traditional video, volumetric video is comprised of a sequence of frames, where each frame is a 3D representation of a real-world object or scene capture from a moment in time.

Volumetric content requires significant bandwidth, and the compression codecs within the MPEG V3C standard play an important role in achieving sustainable and viable data rates for the industry. The wide-scale distribution of volumetric content to broad audiences also depends on efficient and V3C-compliant distribution networks, and this is a key area of focus for the InterDigital-Broadpeak collaboration

The collaboration will leverage each partner’s research expertise. InterDigital will contribute the V3C end-to-end implementation platform built jointly with its partner Philips, and Broadpeak will contribute on packaging and content delivery network (CDN) technologies. Together the partners will demonstrate and benchmark efficient delivery of immersive media.

“As we innovate and push the boundaries of distributing immersive content and experiences, it is our collaboration and joint research with partners like Broadpeak that further amplify our research impact,” said Rajesh Pankaj, EVP, and chief technology officer, InterDigital. “Together, our technology contributions foster crisper outcomes and enhanced efficiency when processing volumetric content to deliver the increasingly immersive experiences we all demand.”

“Video service providers seek to offer new experiences to their customers to differentiate in their market, increase their ARPU and lower their churn. Volumetric content streaming is one of the most attractive immersive use cases, but it is a challenge to deliver these bandwidth-intensive formats at scale,” said Guillaume Bichot, head of exploration at Broadpeak. “Thanks to our collaboration with InterDigital, we will further enhance our Origin-Packager and CDN to stream standardised V3C volumetric content to wide audiences.”

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