Multiple Allen & Heath mixers selected for World Cup broadcasts

Supplied by distribution partner Teleponto, multiple Allen & Heath consoles are being used at several stadiums, in various remote broadcast trucks, and in the master control rooms.

Fox Sports Brazil, a key broadcaster of the games, is using a GLD-80 digital mixer connected via Dante to three Lawo consoles and three RTS matrixes for broadcasts from Rio de Janeiro. Broadcaster Sigma is using a Qu-16 and a Qu-24 compact digital mixer, plus two iDR-16 and an iDR-48 iLive MixRacks.

Fox Sports’ Sao Paulo studio installed a GLD-80 earlier this year. As part of the system, an AR2412 remote I/O rack was selected as a master unit, with two AR84 expander racks installed in the Fox studio with the mixer. This system is being used to provide audio feeds to reporters throughout the 12 stadiums hosting the games located in 12 cities across Brazil.

All systems for Fox Sports Brazil, Fox’s studios, and the Rio-based International Broadcast Centre (IBC) – which serves as the headquarters for FIFA TV and its partner companies – are interconnected via Dante using fibre optic cables.

In addition, Allen & Heath consoles are also found in several remote trucks being used by Fox Sports Brazil and Fox Sports Argentina. These mobile units are being deployed throughout the games at multiple locations. The trucks are equipped with GLD-80, QU-16 and QU-24 mixers and an iDR DSP matrix mixer, also connected via Dante.

“When working on a project that has a worldwide impact, quality and reliability are key. There are no second chances. That is why we chose Allen & Heath consoles to handle our audio needs. Time and time again, Allen & Heath has proven to have the best audio quality, flexibility and rock-solid reliability. When our reputation is on the line, having a partner like this is very important,” comments Teleponto’s president, Antonio Neto.

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