Slomo.TV creates SLS Intercom for VAR

Slomo.TV has developed SLS Intercom, a communication subsystem embedded directly into its videoReferee server. Video refereeing requires active communication between all VAR team members and match officials on the pitch. This is usually achieved through the use of an external intercom system, which can be installed in a VOR, OB van or VAR centre. The challenge with using external intercoms is that they need to be reliably integrated into the VAR system and the overall communications network in order to function effectively while recording conversations on the protocol.

SLS Intercom is designed to simplify the communication system and reduce the number of components needed. Fewer external components make the solution more economical while also increasing the reliability of the integrated system.

Any USB or wireless Bluetooth headset is compatible with the system – both specialised professional intercom headsets and much more affordable and widely available basic computer headsets can be used. Moreover, VAR team members can use their own personal headset.

Up to 16 intercom users, both internal and external, can be connected to the SLS Intercom. A configurable, user-controlled intercom matrix allows groups of users to be arranged in a variety of interaction scenarios and switched quickly, just as in other high-end intercom systems.

One of the built-in intercom system controls is the red referee button included in the basic configuration of the videoReferee server. In accordance with international officiating protocol, the VAR team can only communicate with the referee on the pitch by holding down the red referee button.

The SLS Intercom’s direct connection to the venue’s audio information system allows the referee on the pitch to make independent announcements in the arena.

The videoReferee server and SLS Intercom can also be connected to a remote workplace, to make hybrid VAR solutions even more practical. Furthermore, SLS Intercom allows users to connect to the situation room and VAR centre directly via the server. It can be used not only in football, but also in hockey, basketball and other sports where a video refereeing system is used.

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