The Crew opts for Clear-Com kit in state-of-the-art OBV2 van

Based in Nederhorst den Berg, close to the broadcasting centre of Hilversum in the Netherlands, The Crew delivers a wide range of programming, including live sporting events, concerts, gameshows and national fundraisers.

Catering to their technical needs are two modern OB vans and a flexible mobile set that they have labelled ‘Flight Pack’. The flagship of the fleet is the new OBV2, a state of the art van that can process up to 14 cameras and 16 workplaces.

Communication is key for modern broadcasters, and The Crew turned to Clear-Com specialist Frans van Houten at Ampco Flashlight Sales for a range of intercom solutions.

OBV2 now holds a Clear-Com Eclipse HX digital matrix system equipped with an E-IPA card with 32 ports. Fifteen V-Series keypanels, and 5 V-Series desktop panels with headsets and microphones make up the end user stations, as well as 24 Clear-Com 4W interfaces used for connections to the sound mixer; two-way radios and many other external systems. All of this is augmented with the FreeSpeak II digital wireless system comprising 24 FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz beltpacks and four IP transceivers. Additionally, there are Agent-IC mobile app connections for users who want to use their own devices to tap into the intercom system. Lastly the Arcadia Central Station can be used as a standalone system for smaller events with wireless FreeSpeak II beltpacks or added to the OBV via eight Dante ports.

Peter Westbroek, engineer at The Crew, said: “With OBV2 our aim was to create a state-of-the-art, modern OB van that can cater to any job in any location for any client. It goes without saying that this also counts for the equipment used. With Clear-Com we found a perfect solution for our communication needs, installed in the workspaces as well as mobile. Together with Frans and his Ampco Flashlight Sales crew we designed, commissioned and installed a comms system that proves itself daily in our wide variety of jobs and customers.”

“It was very gratifying to connect the professionals at The Crew with my Clear-Com experience,” commented van Houten. “The team is very adaptable and knowledgeable; their requests were clear and reflected the organisation’s goals and ways of working. Being able to offer a solution based on Clear-Com’s systems is always a pleasure and has resulted in a modern and future-proof system for The Crew.”

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