WorldCast launches new versions of APTmpX algorithm for radio broadcasts

WorldCast Systems has further evolved its APTmpX solution, the world’s first and only non-destructive MPX/composite compression algorithm.

Three new versions are available that offer levels of compression at 600, 400 or 300kbps network bandwidth. This widens the potential impact of the technology on the industry and means that the composite signal can now directly be transported with non-destructive compression from 600kbps down to 300kbps, all at high sound quality.

According to WorldCast Systems, the use of APTmpX confers several advantages. Since the majority of composite equipment at transmitter sites is eliminated with a centrally generated MPX/composite signal, besides the network savings, several broadcasters have already managed to save hardware costs with APTmpX. Furthermore, APTmpX combines signal fidelity with solid latency performance and makes it easier to guarantee a consistent sonic signature across the transmitter network.

APTmpX is able to interface to analogue or digital MPX sources and receivers – an APTmpX transmission link can be a combination of both – and it is fully compatible with SynchroStream signal synchronicity technology.

“Thanks to its low complexity and easy integration, APTmpX has already proven itself as the ultimate solution to enable a 100% digital transmission chain, bridging the transition from digital studios to digital transmitters,” commented Gregory Mercier, director of product marketing, WorldCast Systems. “With these new versions, we bring its power to a whole new section of the market, allowing broadcasters in areas of poor bandwidth penetration to deliver stunning audio quality to their audiences no matter what they are listening on.”

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