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Ultra-dense IP gateways are the future of full-IP workflows for live sports

By Renaud Lavoie, senior vice president technology, Riedel The migration to IP across the broadcast industry was already well under way by the start of 2020, but the move has been accelerated by the pandemic and the industry’s sudden need to embrace remote production models. The benefits of IP-based remote production are compelling, and especially […]  More

Professional sports production for all levels is fantasy or fact?

By Michel Bais, managing director, Mobile Viewpoint  If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how many professional sport production companies have reacted to the COVID crisis and managed to quickly adapt their own game. By utilising a raft of new approaches to remote production and cloud-based offerings, they have continued to provide professional game coverage, […]  More

The evolution of cloud production, artificial intelligence and 5G

By Rafael Castillo, VP of Europe, TVU Networks Viewers are eager for more content matching their specific preferences and the possibility to interact with it, while producers need to find new ways to bring fans to their live show without physical participation. Innovations in remote talents, audience participation and fan engagement to bring thousands of […]  More

Looking at production for a new media age

By Marco Lopez, general manager of live production, Grass Valley Broadcasters, production companies and content producers around the globe are seeing the complexities in production and distribution soaring, increasing costs with lower revenue per asset. In parallel, the TV production world has struggled to keep pace with the dual drivers of technological advancement and evolving […]  More

Delivering remote sports solutions for 2021

By Chris Clarke, chief executive, Cerberus Tech Live sporting events have made it through a challenging time, adapting to empty stadiums and unpredictable schedules. Broadcasting workflows have changed beyond recognition to meet the demands of an exceptional set of circumstances. As we look towards 2021, the content delivery transformation will need to continue. Having had […]  More

How 2021 will further accelerate the shift to streaming

By  Romain Rossi, SVP video experiences, Deltatre This year has seen the momentum surrounding sports streaming build substantially. While the past 12 months have been tumultuous for many reasons, the pace of change has accelerated and trends that were emerging are now an imperative part of the strategy of any sports rights holder or broadcaster. […]  More

The year sports paused and innovation prevailed

By Mo Goyal, senior director, international business development, live media solutions, Evertz The year 2020. A new decade kicking off with a memorable and historic Super Bowl in February. The sports calendar for the rest of the year was loaded with headline events, from Tiger Woods defending his Green Jacket at the Masters, the NBA […]  More

The future of technical broadcast services as transformation accelerates

By Marco Tinnirello, CEO, Eurovision Services As 2020 started and the world of sport was looking forward to a bumper year with the Olympic Games and an ambitious new format for UEFA Euro 2020, I was equally looking forward to seeing our teams implement some ambitious new broadcast solutions. I soon learned – much earlier […]  More

Sport production in 2021 to feature streamlined workflows and more user-generated content

By Simon Wocka, regional sales manager, Telestream So, 2020 has brought many changes to everyone’s life globally, and we could be adapting this new normal for some time to come. Some of the world’s most iconic sporting events have suffered cancellations, which impacts those sports, teams, sponsors and fans worldwide. One of the key events […]  More