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Future of sports: Belden discusses security, personalisation, immersive tech and sustainability

By Christine Williamson, strategic account director for stadiums and venues, Belden If 2020 was the darkest of times for every aspect of the sports and entertainment industry, then perhaps 2021 was the light of a speeding technology train barrelling us toward the future. Despite the pandemic that suspended the world as we knew it for […]  More

Sounds challenging: Glensound on 2021 trends and the challenge to find components extending into 2022

By Marc Wilson, managing director, Glensound As an audio design and manufacturing company, the pandemic has not only affected the trends in the usage of products in broadcast, but also our core business operations as procurement has become the most significant challenge in just being able to provide finished products. Off-tube commentary had largely been utilised […]  More

Back to front: Globecast looks at how remote production success depends on backend connectivity

By Christine Nassif, marketing and business development manager, Globecast 2021 has seen the return of sporting events around the world, including the Summer Games. This has been very good to see for all involved, not least for our industry. What we’ve also seen is the continued growth in remote production with interest in it, and […]  More

Compelling experiences: Edgecast asks if 2022 is the year live sports becomes truly ‘live’

By Ariff Sidi, chief product officer and general manager, Edgecast Sport is the foundation of a range of social interactions and relationships. We become fast friends with people who support the same team as us, chat with co-workers about last night’s game and attend an in-person match with family members. Sport also has the extraordinary […]  More

Sustainable sports broadcasting: Vizrt explores lessons from the forthcoming Winter Olympics

By Jonathan Roberts, SVP, global sport and virtual advertising, Vizrt Without a doubt, one of the key engines powering the future of sports broadcasting is going to be sustainability. With several key technologies in the drive towards more sustainable productions already significantly boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the momentum now shifts towards cementing those gains. […]  More

Growing marketshare: NativeWaves on delivering enhanced viewers experiences to boost revenue

By Christof Haslauer, CEO and founder, NativeWaves 2022 will be the year when broadcasters and over the top (OTT) services start focusing on delivering enhanced user experiences to their viewers, especially from live events. In the fight against audience disengagement, adding new technical features such as better video resolution or new audio formats is no […]  More

Artificially intelligent: Salsa Sound on harnessing the power of the data in our audio sensors

By Rob Oldfield, co-founder and CEO, Salsa Sound We rely on sensors so much these days, whether that be for temperature, speed, distance, heartrate and more, but often-times we fail to recognise the high volume of contextual data that is available through microphones. Historically we have viewed microphones only as sound capture devices, but they […]  More

Olympian effort: Disguise highlights how virtual production and XR won gold at Tokyo 2020

By Phil Ventre, vice president of broadcast, disguise This year the delayed 2020 Olympic Games finally materialised with over 11,000 athletes competing in 339 events in Tokyo during the summer. A global event like the Olympics is a huge opportunity to test the limits of traditional broadcasting and break boundaries. According to an article in […]  More