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Feel the power: Net Insight on how the cloud is enabling a new era of esports

By Jonathan Smith, Net Insight solution area expert for cloud. High-performing athletes equipped with high-tech smart armour, and global competitions and tournaments in next-gen stadiums packed with super-excited fans across the world cheering for their favourite teams; welcome to the new era of esports. The global esports market is expected to reach almost $6 billion […]  More

It’s complicated: M2A Media asks if sports broadcasters are ready to move acquisition and distribution workflows into the cloud

By Kevin Heavey, M2A Media pre-sales technical architect. Public cloud and internet acquisition and/or distribution workflows have been commonplace for many sports broadcasters and service providers over the past few years. These cloud-based workflows have helped sports broadcasters realise the rights for sporting events when on-prem or dedicated infrastructure was not available. What started as […]  More

Take your pick: Broadcast Solutions on 5G or IP-based mesh wireless networks

By Martin Schwöri, Broadcast Solutions Products and Services COO. With its promised low latency and unlimited data flow, 5G seems to be the new-coming messiah in wireless TV production. However, this raises the question as to whether 5G will better the situation in crowded places like stadiums or at concerts and events with 50,000-plus visitors […]  More

Upgrading video production: Grass Valley on IP and HDR workflows in venues

By Peter Abecassis, Grass Valley senior product marketing manager. In-venue entertainment must compete with the at-home experience, and the video that plays at sporting events is a huge part of what makes a trip to the stadium unforgettable. As such, 2022 has seen an increasing number of stadiums upgrading their video production systems to bring […]  More

Predicting blue skies: Synamedia looks at whether 2023 will be about sunshine or hurricanes for sports broadcasters

By Julien Signes, Synamedia EVP and general manager of video network, and Simon Brydon, Synamedia senior director of security business development. The weather at this time of year is pretty grim. The UK’s incessant downpours might turn into perfect powder snow for lucky Alpine skiers, but here the buffeting wind and rain signal the perfect […]  More

Facing challenges: Evertz on adapting content to secure diverse audiences

By Mo Goyal, Evertz senior director of international business development. As we approach the end of 2022, the sports industry continues to face the challenge of capturing and retaining a diverse audience for longer periods of time. Now that we are in a world where there are so many content providers and platforms to choose […]  More

Anytime and anywhere: Vivaro Media on the spread of live sports everywhere

By Daniel Gonzalez, Vivaro Media CEO. We are witnessing a massive change in the consumption of sports video content. The magic of video streaming has made us more selective and demanding; the content must be available anytime, anywhere, no matter the device we use. We are also witnessing changes in content production. Remote production empowers […]  More

Eyeballs: Zest Technologies on how SRT is helping to overcome the challenges of visibility in sport

By Lorna Garrett, Zest Technologies managing director. There’s nothing like live sport. Despite the pandemic accelerating the change in viewing habits of audiences that are no longer tethered to a fixed broadcast schedule, sports fans still want to see sports teams play as it happens. Overhearing a spoiler about an as-yet-unseen episode of Stranger Things […]  More