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A revolutionary approach to sports content offering and delivery

By Massimo Magrì, EU commercial director, Supponor Along with many other sectors, broadcast media is experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 situation that currently keeps everyone on a tight grip. We have entered an era designated as the ‘new normal’, in which our habits change significantly and industries are forced to adopt different business and […]  More

Remote production gives lifeline to sports broadcasters

By Julian Fernandez-Campon, chief technology officer, Tedial For this article I’ve been asked to write a review of how sport has evolved technologically in 2020. If I’d sat down to write this at the beginning of November 2019, I could never have imagined how 2020 would have played out, or the fast turnaround of the […]  More

The ongoing advantages of virtualisation and infinite scalability

By Eric Bolten, VP strategic account development, Zixi Obviously the main story from 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic and the way that it accelerated the changes that were already underway in the industry. Everyone had their own ‘in case of emergency break glass’ plans to virtualise and accelerate virtualisation within their organisations, but the pandemic […]  More

AI and data as the vital tools in the battle for fan engagement

By Paul Every, VP media products, Stats Perform While much of 2020 has been unpredictable, innovation in the sports broadcast industry has remained a constant. In fact, it seems the pandemic has forced innovation at an even faster velocity than many would have foreseen back in January. Remote production and cloud-based workflows are an area […]  More

Remote workplace technology in sports video production

By Igor Vitiorets, CTO, The idea and development of remote workplace technology began quite a long time ago. For optimal locations of the video referee workplace and the server, a proprietary system for a remote workplace was developed. It included a Full HD referee monitor with a remote console connected to a Linux-driven box. The […]  More

Redefining the fan experience at home and in the stadium

By Andreas Unterweger, R&D manager, NativeWaves, and Professor of Media Technology, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Dan is desperate. As a big sports fan he has had a miserable year and feels as though he has been robbed. In 2019, he could attend every important live event in person, and if that wasn’t possible, he […]  More

Four predictions for live sports video production and delivery in 2021

By Susanna Mandel-Mantello, VP and head of sales, sports and events, SES To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the live sports market would be an understatement. In March 2020, live sports broadcasts came to an abrupt halt due to global lockdown restrictions, throwing sports fans into a tailspin. Since then, live sports broadcasts […]  More

The move to native uncompressed IP decoding and encoding

By Kieran Kunhya, CEO, Open Broadcast Systems Over the past year we have seen a growing appreciation of the value of IP contribution and distribution. However, even before COVID, we were beginning to see that transition and it is the broadcasters and content providers that had already moved to IP that are managing to weather […]  More