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Opinion piece: Five ways to use sports video to drive fan engagement

The role that video plays in digital media has been recognised for years, perhaps no more so than in sport, a form of media where the fan experience is built on visual consumption, writes Mike Morrison. The emergence and popularisation of social platforms and their subsequent move to being visually focused has only propelled that […]  More

Variety is the spice of life: Maximising the reach of niche sports

By Chris Clarke, CEO, Cerberus Tech We are living in an age of huge content variety. Over the top (OTT) and subscription video on demand (SVoD) services now allow consumers to access personalised viewing schedules and curated content libraries. Audiences have developed an expectation of endless choice, with content that is intuitively tailored to their […]  More

Envelopment and realism: Embracing immersive audio in sports broadcasting

By Howard Jones, communications director, Genelec The popularity of over the top (OTT) broadcasting is really helping to drive the growth of immersive content, and this presents both opportunities and challenges for the broadcast audio world. Mixing in immersive allows the audio engineer to create a sense of envelopment and realism like never before, but […]  More

Fired up to win: Broadcasting Belarusian football to match-hungry fans

Although many national sports leagues had to take a pause at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Belarus Football Federation was able to run its entire summer season of matches, broadcasting to a worldwide audience. As the governing body of football and futsal in Belarus, the federation organises the Belarusian Premier League, Belarusian national […]  More

IMG Media implements a hybrid approach to IP transition

By Stephen Brownsill, audio product manager, TSL Products SDI is one of those technologies that is so well established and ubiquitous it can almost be taken for granted. It has been a mainstay of broadcast technical infrastructures for so long that people could be forgiven for thinking it will always be there. But, as with […]  More

Engaging remote audiences and keeping their attention

By Mickey Miller, CEO, Vislink  Isolated audiences, spectators, and fans are demanding more innovative, engaging broadcast experiences as they clamber for any semblance of the in-person fan experience in 2021. Remote production is now at the forefront of every media conversation, as production teams shift to safer working practices and new technologies that have dramatically […]  More

Innovation will be key to meeting content demands in 2021

By Julien Mandel, contribution segment manager, Ateme Technological advancements in sports broadcasting, while subject to innovation for many years, have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With fans unable to support their teams in stadiums around the globe, over the top (OTT) platforms have begun to play a greater role in providing a unique fan […]  More

A revolutionary approach to sports content offering and delivery

By Massimo Magrì, EU commercial director, Supponor Along with many other sectors, broadcast media is experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 situation that currently keeps everyone on a tight grip. We have entered an era designated as the ‘new normal’, in which our habits change significantly and industries are forced to adopt different business and […]  More

Remote production gives lifeline to sports broadcasters

By Julian Fernandez-Campon, chief technology officer, Tedial For this article, I’ve been asked to write a review of how sport has evolved technologically in 2020. If I’d sat down to write this at the beginning of November 2019, I could never have imagined how 2020 would have played out, or the fast turnaround of the […]  More

The ongoing advantages of virtualisation and infinite scalability

By Eric Bolten, VP strategic account development, Zixi Obviously the main story from 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic and the way that it accelerated the changes that were already underway in the industry. Everyone had their own ‘in case of emergency break glass’ plans to virtualise and accelerate virtualisation within their organisations, but the pandemic […]  More