SVG Europe welcomes Chyron as its latest Gold Sponsor

After a highly successful IBC (and more of that later), SVG Europe is pleased to announce that Chyron has joined the organisation as its latest Gold Sponsor. Chyron pioneers innovative graphics workflow solutions for established and new media customers by combining the latest in computer graphics science with a deep understanding of the content production processes and business challenges that daily confront major media enterprises.

Chyron’s mission is to offer the most visionary, responsive and cost effective solutions and services to the community of professionals who create, manage and distribute media content worldwide.

Creativity in the Cloud

Chyron’s AXIS web-based graphics system is unique in being the world’s first and only online content creation system for broadcasters and new media providers. AXIS brings all of the benefits associated with cloud computing to the content creation workflows of major media enterprises. These benefits include improved Return on Investment, rapid scalability and unlimited collaboration. AXIS enables anyone with an internet connection to instantly build broadcast quality news graphics, charts, quotes and maps. By combining on-air and online graphics packages with up-to-the-minute images and third party data sources AXIS guarantees fast, easy creation of the most relevant content at the lowest possible cost. Current AXIS customers include Fox Television, Gannett Broadcasting, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Scripps.

Large Worldwide Installed Base

Chyron’s web-based AXIS services are designed to work seamlessly with Chyron’s installed base of ‘on premise’ graphics systems which enhance the production values of live and pre-recorded television programs and professional video. Typically these systems are used to create 2D and 3D titles and moving graphic images for live sports, news and entertainment shows. Chyron’s graphics products are used by thousands of broadcasters in the US and around the world including ABC, Fox, NBC, ESPN, Turner Entertainment Networks, The Golf Channel, Home Shopping Network, Korean Broadcasting, Germany’s BR and NDR networks, Sky Sports News and the BBC, plus local stations in every US television market. More than 60% of US broadcasters use Chyron products to display news titles, sports scores, weather information, election results and news and finance tickers.

In today’s multi-screen world Chyron generated content can be displayed as easily over a digital signage network, a cell phone display or an HDTV screen. Increasingly the boundaries between on-air and online are being rendered meaningless which is why Chyron workflows are designed from the outset to ‘create content only once while publishing across multiple devices’.

Another recent ‘first’ from Chyron was the generation and display of 3D stereo graphics for the first 3D television coverage of a ‘live’ sports event.

The Company the Whole World Watches

In a world of TV anywhere, anytime, on any device and where media consumption habits are in a perpetual state of flux, it is imperative that high fixed cost traditional media workflows adapt to the variable, lower cost models that innovative technologies can deliver. Chyron is committed to helping its media customers successfully navigate this transition and in so doing, on a daily basis, justifying its slogan – ‘The Company the Whole World Watches’.

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