Leader launches LVB440 IP analyser

Leader Electronics has added the LVB440 IP analyser to its range of video and audio test equipment.

Designed to monitor and analyse high-bitrate media traffic in broadcast production studios, OB vehicles, master control facilities and transmission networks, the analyser supports data rates of 10, 25, 40 and 50Gb/s, extending up to 100Gb/s via dual interfaces, and also gives an efficient analysis of SD, HD, HD HDR, 4K and 4K HDR data flow over media networks of any size.

Housed in a compact 1U chassis, the LVB440 is controlled via an HTML-5 web browser and provides full support for up to eight local or remote users. It gives production teams the resources needed to perform real-time checks on large numbers of streams and multiple resolutions in parallel at multiple locations. Operators gain the ability to survey every media transport layer of an IP network simultaneously, allowing issues to be rectified before they impact the quality of service experienced by programme viewers.

When connected to primary and secondary networks, the LVB440 can monitor and analyse redundancy within the SMTPE ST 2022-7 standard which is used to ensure seamless protection switching. Tools are also provided for precision time protocol clock analysis, including clock source detection, timing accuracy and individual flow path-latency. SMPTE ST 2110, ST 2022-6, and ST 2059-2 PTP standards, as well as networked media open specifications, are also supported.

Display analytics, including single or multiple stream correlation, allows operators to identify errors quickly and easily. Also provided are traditional colourimetry measurement tools, including a vectorscope with ITU Rec. 601, 709 and 2020 compatibility for checking chroma saturation issues.

A flow-overview function allows any data flow or signal stream on a network to be bonded into a single viewing configuration comprising video, audio and ancillary data. This combination can then be stored as a preset for later recall. The AES67 standard for audio over IP and audio over ethernet interoperability is supported.

Included as standard with the LVB440 is the Widgets API HTML5 video monitor which allows the LVB440 to be deployed for wider applications.

Available as an option, the instrument view engine allows a user’s 11-inch Apple iPad Pro mobile workstation to be deployed as a colour-accurate touch panel.

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