SMPTE partners with OSA to create a more robust and versatile Rapid Industry Solutions programme

SMPTE, the global society of media professionals, technologists and engineers working in the digital entertainment industry, is partnering with the Open Services Alliance, which focuses on enabling improved open interoperability among service-based applications. This partnership is a natural extension of SMPTE’s Rapid Industry Solutions (RIS) programme, which aims to make the standards process more efficient, transparent and versatile.

OSA was established in 2019 and typically identifies two to three new initiatives each year, based on relevance, and completes them in a matter of months.

Combined with SMPTE’s stellar reputation, board membership, strong admin tools, administrative, marketing and other staff, this partnership combines the strengths of both organisations, creating a collaborative force that will change how standards are created. With SMPTE and OSA working together, the entire RIS process will be streamlined from start to finish. This means that initiating, developing and publishing solutions as SMPTE documents will be easier than ever.

Additionally, members of both OSA and SMPTE will need to be involved with only one organisation rather than two, thus making it easier for the community’s members to be involved with and expand on initiatives they care about most.

A top priority for this partnership is to address Catena, an interoperability project made possible by a partnership with Ross Video. SMPTE and OSA will expand this already popular tech that promises to revolutionise multivendor interoperability in hybrid cloud environments.

“We are very excited and pleased with the fortuitous timing of this partnership just before our industry comes together for the 100th NAB Show. Combining the strengths of these two organisations promises to simplify and accelerate development of cloud and microservice related standardisation, so dearly needed by our industry,” explained Chris Lennon, executive director of the OSA.

David Grindle, executive director of SMPTE, added: “SMPTE is excited to bring OSA into our world as part of the Rapid Industry Solutions initiative. By providing the additional administrative services of a seasoned staff, OSA members can focus on generating services for the industry as a SMPTE Rapid Industry Solution. Like all RIS projects, some of their work will continue to follow the SMPTE standards process and some not. But all of it will continue to impact the industry with meaningful solutions to our interoperability challenges.”

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