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BBC awards Olympic graphics contract

Deltatre Media and Mammoth Graphics have been awarded the contract to devise and produce live broadcast graphics for the BBC’s coverage of the London Olympics in 2012, writes UK Correspondent, Will Strauss.  More

Fraunhofer turns 5.1 Surround streaming dreams into reality

Televised sports established the 5.1 surround audio format as the emerging standard for broadcast-sports sound. This year, as sports moves more deeply into the streaming domain, fans who have grown accustomed to surround sound on televisions might miss it on Internet distribution channels. Fraunhofer, the German technology think tank that brought us the MP3 format, […]  More

Dolby’s Power: Digital Plus makes gains at NAB

Jason Power, senior director of marketing for broadcast at Dolby, happily points to some great-sounding audio for drama and sports thundering from a home-theater setup in Dolby’s booth at the NAB Show. But rather than the screen, it’s the Nokia N8 mobile phone that he wants you to notice. It’s fitted with Dolby Digital Plus, […]  More

European audio consoles target US market

The console technology in US remote-broadcast trucks supporting the sports-broadcast industry has been relatively static for much of the past decade, with Calrec dominating a market sector that relies heavily on freelance engineers whose network employers prefer that they have a familiar work surface waiting for them no matter where the show is. But, thanks […]  More