premieres two new products at Broadcast Solutions’ Innovation Day

During an Innovation Day held at Broadcast Solutions’ HQ in Germany, event visitors had the chance to witness the world premiere of two new additions to the product family – namely, the BlackJack 4K and Arrow 4K slow-motion servers.

Delivering the only 3 IN 2 OUT 4K 50p server available in a single enclosure, the manufacturer again underlines its ambition to be one step ahead of the competition. With the new BlackJack 3G optionally 16 channels @ 3G can be recorded and up to 3 operators can edit 4 channels (slomo and highlights) with independent crossfade outputs – or it may just work as a 5-channel 4K 50p slow motion machine. Both varieties provide the usual comprehensive features that offers on all platforms. There is capacity of 12TB SSD – enough to record 266h HD with 100 Mbit/s already onboard. On all 12 input channels DMR is available. offers this unique engine with the capability to transcode all channels live during recording, thus providing all content without delay to the external drives for further processing. With BlackJack all material is available in nearly all popular codecs – up to Apple Pro Res HQ 444.

With Arrow offers a new 2RU server that provides the full range of functions inherent to the Simple R series. Only the storage has been replaced by conventional HDDs and choosing a larger housing the construction design efforts are reduced. As a junior member of the company’s 4K line, Arrow 4K possesses unique features unavailable in servers of other manufacturers. In particular, the server supports simultaneous recording of two channels 4K 50p/4K 60p, the search on two channels, and playback of two channels.

If space is not an issue arrow devices are a cost effective alternative to Simple R servers. Currently Arrow is 30% cheaper than SSD-based and 1 RU sized Simple R servers. Since its release 3 years ago Simple R is considered to be the slow motion server with the best price-performance ratio on the market. Arrow now makes professional video recording and live replay (slow motion) equipment available to companies that previously considered professional live replay gear unattainable due to budget reasons.

All 4K servers have the following advantages: the use of a standard Full HD display for displaying the interface with built-in multiviewer, eliminating the need to use several 4K / 4x3G SDI monitors; support of all available transmission options (4K 50p/4K 60p signals via 4 x 3G SDI; quadrant transmission using 3G Level A / 3G Level B and SMPTE 425-3); the ability to create Quick Time ProRes full resolution files natively compatible with editing systems; SSD based subsystems, common to all servers; and the ability to work in a network.

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