Surfnow white-label IPTV service enable live TV over the Internet

Surfnow, a technology partner of Motama, has built a white-label IPTV service that allows businesses to seamlessly provide live TV services over the Internet or managed networks to their end customers.

The service is based on IPTV server products from Motama. DVB gateways, called TVCaster, handle the conversion of DVB signals to IP. Motama’s high-end transcoding servers, called CodeCaster, provide the conversion to AVC/H.264 for adaptive streaming at different bitrates.

“Motama’s technical support team was of great help during the hot phase of getting the solution up and running,” says Thomas Rehak, project manager at Surfnow.

More than 110 TV channels in two different bitrates are by now available, managed by a middleware solution from Surfnow, and fully integrated into different client devices, such as set-top boxes. With the service focusing on the Swiss market, other countries and regions will be targeted in the near future.

Geneva-based company SwissTV, a provider of Video-on-Demand services including a set-top box, was won as first reference customer for the platform. A launch of the new service for end users is planned for the fourth quarter.

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