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IMG Studios draws up route plan to IP for Premier League and Rugby World Cup

IMG Studios delivers multiple 24-hour sports channels and enables coverage of some of the world’s biggest sporting events, often having to shoehorn in new projects to tight deadlines. So, in planning its next infrastructure upgrade, for installation in the Summer, ease of scalability is its first priority – which has led it to IP. It […]  More

FutureSPORT 2018: New directions for high dynamic range in live sport production

“HDR isn’t about black and white, it is about blacker blacks and whiter whites and the ability to provide more detailed information in areas of the picture where people want it.” This is how SVG Europe Contributing Editor and session chair Will Strauss opened the ‘HDR and Live Sport: It’s not Black and White’ panel […]  More

FutureSPORT 2018: Broadcast coverage preview for 2019 Rugby World Cup

Preparations are well underway for the next Rugby World Cup, which takes place in Japan from 20 September to 2 November 2019 – the first time the event has taken place in Asia. Two of those most closely involved in delivering the host broadcast and match graphics for the event spoke at SVG Europe’s Future […]  More

Ruptly rolls out two compact UHD OB and DSNG vans for file-based production

Berlin-based news agency Ruptly has launched a new low-cost subscription service and has recently introduced two UHD OB vans, delivered by systems integrator Qvest Media. The Ruptly service offers unlimited access to 80,000-plus stories to digital publishers for €12.50 a month. “There is a significant client base which is finding it hard to make money […]  More

ITV Sport puts artificial intelligence in the Timeline for sports production

ITV Sport has moved its archive to a new cloud-hosted system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help add metadata and output multiple versions for highlights across social media, on-air use and archiving. The broadcaster has a huge archive and wanted to leverage that media and needed a MAM that would allow them to find […]  More

IP from OBX to Z: An elegant evolution for Arena Television

Arena TV now has a fourth UHD HDR IP-based production truck, OBZ, which has already been used for Premier League football and will be covering the upcoming European Championship darts in Dortmund and World Series of Darts Finals in Vienna. Its first IP truck, OBX, launched in 2016 and “OBZ is the fourth evolution of […]  More

Videogram: Giving Artificial Intelligence a sporting chance

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are slowly creeping into sports production in such areas as automated shot selection or highlights compilation, but the challenge of then getting viewers to watch the productions can also be helped by AI. Videogram, a small AI company founded in 2012, is backed by NTT DoCoMo, Samsung and Turner Broadcasting, […]  More

World’s largest audio OB is quiet addition to huge IP UHD OB for ZRTG China

The world’s biggest audio OB truck, which expands to 13.5×5.5m, has been delivered to the Zheijang Radio & Television Group, China’s fourth largest radio and TV broadcaster. It joins a 32-camera IP-based UHD OB (which has been claimed to be the world’s largest IP-based video truck) and a third truck that connects both production units, […]  More

Live from Wembley: Wireless UHD is a knockout for Joshua v Povetkin clash

Sky Sports used two UHD radio cameras at Wembley for the Joshua v Povetkin PPV world title fight on Saturday, where previously it has only been testing them — with one wireless UHD camera trialled at the last big boxing night in Cardiff. Because the two wireless cameras, equipped by Broadcast RF, were so central […]  More

Live from Wembley: Dolby Atmos takes Sky’s boxing coverage to new heights

Last weekend’s world heavyweight title fight between Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin on Sky Sports Box Office was the first time a pay-per-view boxing match has been delivered in Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos. The 5.1.4 immersive audio format adds a height dimension to standard 5.1 surround sound and has been used on other productions […]  More