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Cobra high-speed link uncoiled by Antelope

The new Cobra Link is a fibre conversion system that is specially designed for high-speed camera systems. It outputs two 3G-SDI signals, with one 3G-SDI return, and can have four intercom lines and up to four bidirectional data paths. It will also be able to work with Ultra HD (on request). “There are three units. […]  More

Streamline approach to 4K outside broadcasts

Outside broadcasters wishing to move to Ultra HD are being offered an easier route that should save money. Broadcast Solutions has revamped its Streamline family of five 4- to 16-camera vehicles to make them ready for easy upgrades to UHD (usually via software licenses) and showed its first UHD OB, the eight-camera S8 4K at […]  More

SVG Europe Analysis: EVS Dyvi IT-based switcher from an operational point of view

The Dyvi control panel is a key part of the difference between it and traditional switchers. “We are using a new concept of panels,” said Fernando Lopez Cisneros, Business Developer, EVS, at a recent demonstration day for broadcasters organised by Gearhouse Broadcast. The new panels will be available in different lengths, but don’t need more […]  More

Gearhouse goes IP for remote sports production with EVS Dyvi switcher

Gearhouse Broadcast has acquired the new Dyvi IT-based switcher from EVS for use on location. This will enable it to offer broadcasters lower cost, more efficient production where a single rack of equipment can replace a large OB truck at an event. “Today, outside broadcasters, companies like Gearhouse Broadcast, fly their whole gear and crew, […]  More

SportTech 2015: Audio consoles and the evolution of OB facility design

IP-based networks for video production was a major theme at SportTech 2015, but audio production is already taking the IP route — although the way ahead is not yet clear. Some of those asking for IP “don’t understand that integration of audio over IP is not so simple,” said Peter Glaettli, Director of Engineering/R&D, Studer […]  More

SportTech Europe 2015: Defining a 4K roadmap for the future

SportTech 2015 featured a session titled The Great Debate: Post-NAB 2015, Can We Define a 4K Roadmap For The Future? The consensus was that we can, but it won’t be simple. Indeed, as Brian Clark, Commercial and Technical Projects Director at NEP Visions, said: “There are technical hurdles, but they are moving hurdles,” and it’s […]  More