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SVGE Analysis: Wireless workflows, content management and quality of service

New workflows, particularly wireless workflows, will be key to gaining maximum efficiency from any move to IP-based production, according to Sony. “We want our workflow to be as efficient as possible, using our resources to the best of their abilities,” Robbie Fleming, Product Marketing Manager (ODA), Sony Professional Solutions Europe, told attendees at a recent […]  More

SVGE Analysis: Sony promises unified IP infrastructure for live production

“Live production is the last part of the industry that hasn’t moved to IP.” Although there are news and studio set ups that do use file-based infrastructure, they tend to be more constrained than recorded programmes, according to Nicolas Moreau, Product Marketing Manager IP Live Production & Workflows, speaking at a recent Sony Technology Day […]  More

SVGE Analysis: Delivering on the rich promise of HDR at Sony Technology Day

When HD overtook SD, many viewers noticed the change in screen shape more than the higher resolution. With Ultra HD, most viewers sit too far from the set to really notice the higher resolution (or need to get a much bigger set). However, judging from comments at CES and other trade shows, the quality of […]  More

SVG Europe Analysis: Compressed UHD goes live with TICO Alliance

The extra bandwidth required by the move to Ultra HD will probably result in extra costs and complexity. One approach to mitigate this could be using compression. However, most compression systems require additional processing power and cause delay, making them unsuitable for live production. TICO, a lossless compression scheme created by intoPIX in 2013, may […]  More

SVG Europe Analysis: ASPEN builds community to support IP rollout

ASPEN (Adaptive Sample Picture ENcapsulation) is an open framework that should allow users to build adaptable, scalable and more efficient IP facilities. It allows video, audio and metadata to be carried on individual IP multicast streams to provide greater flexibility for transport, production, and playout. It is built on existing MPEG2-TS standards, and is claimed […]  More

BT Sport gets to the Root6 of Ultra HD upscaling and frame rate conversion

BT Sport has become the latest sports broadcaster to adopt ContentAgent, the file-based workflow management and automation system from Root6 Technology. The broadcaster is using it to automate fast-turnaround frame rate conversion and Ultra HD transcoding. Timeline Television, BT Sport’s managed service provider, has installed two ContentAgent systems at BT Sport’s studios in the Queen […]  More

Broadcast Solutions Streamlines its OB trucks for Ultra HD

Broadcast Solutions has updated its range of Streamline OB vehicles to make them much simpler to upgrade to Ultra HD (mainly via software licenses). It showed its first UHD OB at IBC2015, the new eight-camera S8 4K, but its other four vehicles (ranging from four to 16 cameras) are also being made UHD ready via […]  More

BBC R&D creates prototype Ultra High Def radio camera system

A project designed to fit full HD output into half an RF channel has resulted in a new Ultra HD radio camera system for BBC Research and Development, which it hopes will be manufactured under licence. “We have developed a very sophisticated 4K UHD radio camera system, which we’re using today to transmit [on the […]  More

VideoSys devises Formula for tiny customisable on-board sports camera

The smallest camera used on a production can often take the longest to set up, according to Colin Tomlin, managing director, VideoSys Broadcast, which has just entered the mini camera market. “We were approached earlier in the year by the facilities provider for Formula Renault World Series and they wanted an HD mini camera on-board […]  More

Czech SI Syntex develops lightweight UHD trailer to showcase new cameras

A lightweight, relatively low-cost Ultra HD OB trailer has been developed by a systems integrator from the Czech Republic that would be ideal for small or medium sized productions. The trailer was developed with Panasonic, to show off its new UHD cameras at IBC. “This is just the first idea. It is very flexible,” said […]  More