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Behind the sound: How UEFA has gone large with audio for Euro 2020

UEFA Euro 2020 was delayed because of COVID, but the rescheduled tournament has delivered all the quality, drama, upset, and elation that fans expected. The audio for the European Football Championship has also delivered, bringing something special to the broadcast. The team behind the sound has continued to push into new territories, with everything from […]  More

SVG Europe’s Sound Talks sounded good with Intercoms

This month saw the second in the SVG Europe 2021 series of Sound Talks events, Next Generation Intercoms. This most recent iteration attracted another healthy attendance, including a large panel of industry experts. The first presentation, the Thought Leader’s Perspective, came from Martin Dyster, vice president of business development, Telos Alliance. He took the participants […]  More

Looking back: Tall Audio thriving on the challenge of producing sports broadcast audio during lockdown

Tall Audio, which was founded by sound supervisors Paul Stadden and Alex Wrigglesworth, terms itself a ‘bespoke audio company’, providing crew, equipment and consultancy to the broadcast industry. One of the pair’s core mantras that they, “thrive on a challenge” was possibly never tested so thoroughly as during the COVID-19 crisis. Although having said that, […]  More

Inaugural SVG Europe Sound Talks – Mixing Broadcast Sound spectacular success

The inaugural SVG Europe Sound Talks event of 2021, Mixing Broadcast Sound, was a spectacular success, with nearly 100 participants present for the panels and Q&A sessions. In all respects, the calibre and number of participants, and the range of topics and debate, surpassed SVG Europe expectations. In the first session, Thought Leaders Perspectives, Roger […]  More

Big reverberations: Sound operator Marine Martignac on solving problems and finding technical solutions

Marine Martignac graduated in audio and broadcast in 2016 and has made a big impact. She was very quickly snapped up as a part-time engineer by OB specialists Boîte à Outils Broadcast (BOB) and simultaneously started as a freelancer, first for Imagina France (now Mediapro), more recently adding the likes of France Télévisions, Masterfilms, CFRT, […]  More

Sound pioneers: Trialling Serial ADM alongside Dolby AC-4 at the French Open

France TV’s live broadcast of the French Open tennis tournament from Roland Garros is seen as a showcase of excellence in sports broadcasting; an event that pushes engineers and manufacturers to innovate in infrastructure and supporting technologies, as well as trialling options for standardisation and pathways to the future. In 2020 the tournament was postponed […]  More

Sounds great: Understanding the challenges of height channels in broadcast audio

Height channels in broadcast audio present a unique challenge. Hyunkook Lee, Associate Professor in Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield, UK, as well as director of the Centre for Audio and Psychoacoustic Engineering (CAPE) and founder and leader of the Applied Psychoacoustics Laboratory, has more insight than most into this subject, and recently shared […]  More